Our Strategy

To achieve the targets & to ensure the completion of all time scheduled activities within the schedule, the Board has constituted different committees to look after these activities. Moreover to achieve different targets the Board has assigned different tasks to different branches specific to that assignment. These branches are responsible to do the job assigned to them properly and within the time schedule set for them.
In this connection following are the important committees have been constituted by the Board.

  1. Date of Birth Committee
  2. Name Correction Committee
  3. Appeal Committee
  4. Inspection Committee about affiliation
  5. EPC Committee
  6. Appointment Committee
  7. Finance Committee
  8. Appointment Committee of Sub-Examiners
  9. Appointment Committee for Paper Setters & Head Examiners
  10. Indent Scrutiny Committee
  11. Purchase/Tender Opening Committee
  12. Inspection Committee
  13. Auction/Write Off Committee

Following are the branches of the Board.

  1. Administration Branch
  2. Facilitation Centre
  3. Computer Section
  4. State Branch
  5. Sports Branch
  6. Library Branch
  7. Research Branch
  8. Campus Branch
  9. Audit Branch
  10. Finance Branch
  11. Enquiry Branch
  12. Store Branch
  13. Secrecy Branch
  14. Verification Branch
  15. Conduct Branch
  16. Matric Branch
  17. Inter Branch
  18. Confidential Press