What is the rule regarding cancellation of solved script?

  1. If a candidate desired to cancel his/her Answer sheet, then he /she is required to  cross the answer sheet in the examination centre and submit an application to the centre superintendent in this regard without any fee. If he/she did not do so then his/ her answer sheet would be evaluated and marks will intact. The Centre Superintendent will sand such Answer Sheet as stray to Chief Secrecy Officer.
  2. If the Answer Sheet was crossed partially i.e. one or two question then the Answer Sheet would be got evaluated and the crossed portion will not be treated as cancelled. However, after the termination of  examination if any candidate  is not satisfied with his efficiency and he wants to get his answer sheet cancelled then he is desired to submit an application with prescribed fee Rs.100/- per paper within 10 days after the termination of concerned examination (Practical /theory Part-I/Part-II) provided that he/ she is eligible. Moreover in case of cancellation of paper theory or Practical he /she has to appear in both the papers i.e. theory & Practical.