A candidate who has taken the 9th class examination and get above 33% marks or less and want to appear in 9th class examination again, he/she can do so?


  1. No institution will be permitted to demote those students who got less than 33 % marks in Part-I (9th class) examination. However, the candidates obtaining more than 33% marks or less than 33% marks in subject/s can get re-admission in Part-I (9th class) within (15) days after declaration of result either in same group/combination or any changed group/combination. Such candidates can get re-admission after depositing re-admission fee (as fixed by the Board) either in the same institution or in any other institution Provided that admission should be within the schedule issued by the Board.[

However, the pass candidate will get re-admission after getting cancellation of his/her result from the Board submitting an undertaking on stamp paper that he / she never appeared in 10th class.  He/she will not be entitled for the position at any stage.  Position will be the right of those students who admitted first time in the institution.Moreover re-admission opportunity will be given only once in his /her academic session.

  1. If a Private candidate who appeared in Part-I (9th Class) Examination and obtained less than 33 % marks in any subject/s or remained absent in that part will be allowed to re-appear in Part-I(9th class) Examination in any group at any time provided he did not appear / absent in Part-II (10th Class) Examination.
  2. Furthermore, if a regular /private candidate who passed his Part-I (9th Class) Examination and did not appear in Part-II Examination beyond the period of two years such candidates will be allowed to re-appear in Part-I (9th Class) Examinations as a private
    • If a candidate of Part-I (9th Class) could not participate in the examination after the issuance of Roll Number Slip, he will have to appear in both Parts, Part-I (9th Class) & Part-II (10th Class) examination.
    • A candidate who could not appear in the examination owing to some unavoidable circumstances after sending admission form & those who want to improve their grades or marks will be able to appear in the forthcoming examination.
    • If a regular candidate appeared in Part-I (9th Class) and cannot continue his/her studies due to unavoidable circumstances, he/she can appear in private capacity in Part-II (10th Class) examination if otherwise eligible.
  3. In case of any hardship (unavoidable situation), a candidate can apply for cancellation of any of his/her paper within ten days after the termination of theory examination of Part-II. His/her result of Part-I and right to appear in Part-II will remain intact, in this situation.